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How to Play



Seventeen is a conversation starter.

STEP 1: Bring out the card from the box. The card comes with a small letter that serves as your SDGs compass. It explains the 17 SDGs and what they hope to achieve. You should read it if you want to learn more.

STEP 2: Shuffle the card on the table (The card can be played by two or more players, up to 10 players can play the game).

STEP 3: There is no winner. Begin the conversation with friends, answer the questions and pass it on to the next player to do the same. 

Seventeen enables conversation, different perspectives, Learning new controversial topics and meeting people. Anyone from age 15 and above can play Seventeen.

17 is a game that should be found in all firms, both private and public organizations. It is a game you can gift to your co-workers or play, even before a team meeting. Seventeen is the educational game that should be everywhere, your home included!  Everyone needs to take action, and it starts now.


Anybody loves a good conversation. Seventeen provides everyone a topic that provokes controversial thoughts and compels us to face our personal prejudices in the most fun way. We can see. Indeed, when given the right topic, everyone has a profound opinion. We all have a part to play in the SDGs for global change and Seventeen proves that!


Feedback from customer.


“The questions were brain teasers. They switched up the atmosphere from 20-80 real quick. Arguments began to roll in. It wasn't awkward at all, it was unlike the regular cards I see around. I didn't even expect the questions to be that tasking. The more we check the cards the more dedicated we became.”


Feedback from playing


Brilliance! I enjoyed it. It’s a conversation starter, it enables you to hear from different perspective, learn new things and meet controversial people...”

Olajide Charles

Feedback from playing

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Our games cut across climate change, zero poverty, gender equality and education among others.

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